A debate about uncertainty, held in the heart of certainty

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On the 28th of February, policy makers, systems thinkers, designers, academics and others convened in Paris for an all day workshop discussing new ways to address public challenges marked by complexity and ambiguity inherent to many policy fields today. This deep look at uncertainty sits in the context of OECD’s efforts to adapt its advisory capacity and develop new approaches to respond to these changed circumstances. In a world where social and economic phenomena are hard to anticipate let alone to understand, what is the role of evidence and expert advice in shaping public policies? Serendipitously, that same day, David …

Systems approaches for public policy challenges

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What is the impact of innovation on public sector change? Should we limit ourselves to measuring improvements in the machinery and counting savings or should we think about the broader picture – the impact of innovation in reaching policy goals and delivering quality public services that bring value to citizens? The question on the ultimate objectives of innovation is related to that of the system that is put in place to deliver them. Are our public policy systems actually fit to deliver on these goals? Do we know what is that we are really trying to achieve? Our recent work into systems thinking has raised these questions and we’d like to invite you to contribute to our reflection.