Innovations for the real world: OPSI innovation challenges

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No one enjoys completing their tax submission. And the experience isn’t any nicer for the tax authority. The yearly deadline creates a peak in work for them too. To improve service quality and work more effectively, Poland has developed an internet tax application where citizens can ask questions online directly to the tax authority, view other people’s questions, and raise awareness of tax issues through a Facebook presence. In Mexico, the lack of banks in rural areas meant that citizens had to travel many miles to receive social payments. To improve access to public services, Mexico has established partnerships with …

Implementing Lean Principles throughout the Government of Canada

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Following from its origins in the private sector, Lean has evolved into a quality and operational improvement philosophy based on improving customer experience, outcomes and efficiency. The Government of Canada is including a range of Lean methodologies aimed at streamlining business processes in people management, corporate activities and the delivery of grants and contributions. The successful application of these approaches presents an alternative to the view that there has to be a trade-off between the quality of public services and the cost of providing them. These efforts are contributing to a more affordable government, while departments are still delivering their …

Using social media to innovate service delivery – one size does not fit all

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When I think about social media use to improve service delivery, I intuitively think about the likes of Apple, Google or Amazon. And the way in which they use people’s own social media footprint as an advertising space (surely I am not the only one who at least once posted that message Amazon suggests after your purchase, the one that lets you share your purchase with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers). But actually my whole service environment taps into social media to improve their services, not only the Internet heavyweights. Take the world’s main retailers – WalMart, Tesco, Carrefour …

Public Sector Innovation: a matter of social innovation & workplace innovation?

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I welcome the OECD Public Sector Innovation initiative! Innovation in the public sector is not only relevant for tax payers (value for money, lower taxes), public sector employment (good quality jobs), or users (citizens satisfied about using public services). It is also good for the economy as a whole. Because reducing unnecessary costs in public spending allows you to invest more in essential public needs. ‘TNO Innovation for Life’ is involved in public sector innovation in many ways. I will give you two examples. 1) In the Netherlands the ‘working smarter network’ is a community that fosters innovation amongst public …

Futurs Publics : Harnessing innovation to modernise government

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Innovation is essential for modernising government. We’re using our new ‘Futurs Publics’ laboratory to support it. Futurs Publics is testing new solutions for public sector challenges on a small scale and helping to develop an ‘ecosystem’ that supports innovation. What are the challenges? Well, there are plenty of challenges for Futurs Publics to address… Getting government to work with new partners like business start-ups and social entrepreneurs Improve public services for citizens and businesses creatively Using public resources more efficiently And last but by no means least – having a real and significant impact on French citizens’ lives So what …

e-Estonia takes digital government innovation to next level

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Estonia has a new national digital strategy to guide the next wave of digital government innovation – taking the public sector services and governance to a new level with the help of ICT, including across borders. In Estonia, we use information and communication technology (ICT) in government, society and economy to the degree that we have become known as e-Estonia. ICT has penetrated our everyday life and business so that it has become an integral part of how we do everything. Indeed, public sector innovation in Estonia has mostly been digital innovation – or at least innovation aided by ICT …

Welcome to the Observatory Blog

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Welcome to the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation’s Blog. It’s an open space to share your views and experiences of how the public sector is innovating, the challenges it faces and the opportunities to seize. We invite the innovation community in the broadest sense to join us – from government officials at all levels to researchers, commentators, designers, analysts… We hope that this blog will be both informative and interactive. We welcome your views, questions, comments and latest news on innovation.