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Central Innovation Hub
As part of Destination 2020, a blueprint for public service modernisation, the Clerk of the Privy Council committed to establishing a central innovation hub. The Hub is intended to provide expertise and advice on new and emerging approaches to policy and programme challenges, such as behavioural economics and social finance. It will help departments and agencies to test, document, accelerate, replicate and scale innovation across the public service. Read more about this case study here.
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Recognizing that the context for policy development and programme delivery has shifted dramatically in recent decades, the Government of Canada is actively supporting a culture of public sector innovation as a key component of its strategy for transforming government services and operations.

Canada’s public servants are working in an increasingly global and connected world, where fiscal imperatives, citizens’ evolving expectations and the rapid pace of technological change consistently challenge them to be more effective, more efficient, and get better value for money.

Canada’s public service has a long-standing interest in finding more efficient and effective ways to advance government priorities, deliver core business activities and provide better service to Canadians. Past innovations have included efforts to streamline business processes, leverage technology, establish new partnerships, and pursue creative solutions to fulfil organisational mandates.

Building on this foundation, more recent efforts have focused on expanding innovative practices to policy-making and programme delivery activities. For example, the Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Policy Innovation was formed to examine trends and new technologies with the potential to strengthen or transform policy development and delivery, and test and assess innovative approaches that will enhance policy outcomes.

In May 2014, the Clerk of the Privy Council released Destination 2020, a blueprint for public service modernisation that included several commitments to embed innovation within the public service, including the establishment of a central innovation hub.

Canada’s provincial, territorial and municipal governments are also undertaking a variety of initiatives to advance innovation objectives within their jurisdictions.

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Public sector innovation activities in Canada

Blueprint 2020 is a broad engagement process on the vision for a world-class public service equipped to serve Canada and Canadians now and in the future, including several commitments to embed innovative practices.

Canada’s Public Service Award of Excellence for 2016 had a category for Employee Innovation, with awards going to four teams:

  • the North Warning System Office Team at the Department of National Defence
  • the Transport Security Clearance Team at Transport Canada
  • the Remote Presence Robot Technology Team at Health Canada
  • the Field Crops Remote Sensing Team at Statistics Canada

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