Systems approaches for public policy challenges

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What is the impact of innovation on public sector change? Should we limit ourselves to measuring improvements in the machinery and counting savings or should we think about the broader picture – the impact of innovation in reaching policy goals and delivering quality public services that bring value to citizens? The question on the ultimate objectives of innovation is related to that of the system that is put in place to deliver them. Are our public policy systems actually fit to deliver on these goals? Do we know what is that we are really trying to achieve? Our recent work into systems thinking has raised these questions and we’d like to invite you to contribute to our reflection.

How do you achieve an innovative learning organisation

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The work of the public sector is changing quickly to respond to a more complex, interdependent and hard-to-predict world. Are we, and the organisations we work in or with, ready to fully understand that change and convert that new understanding into knowledge and innovations that improves the lives of citizens? We hope to hear from you about your experience to inform our work.

The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation: the journey continues

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Back in November 2014, at the launch of the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, more than 400 policy makers, front line public servants, civil society organisations, and academics gathered at the OECD to celebrate government innovation—how we can do things differently to achieve positive results for individuals and society. At that event, the OECD made a call to action for governments to create the conditions to promote and enable public sector innovation. How did countries respond to that call? Almost two years down the road—with many economies still on the road to economic recovery—innovation has become a more significant imperative …

CitizenPoweredCities: Co-producing better public services with citizens

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The partnership between the OECD and the non-profit organisation Governance International has shared with the OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) 50+ international case studies on how public service organisations, in particular at the local level, harness the skills, capabilities and energy of citizens to achieve better outcomes. You can use these case studies to explore why and how many governments in the OECD co-commission, co-design, co-deliver and co-assess public services with users and local communities, use evidence-based results and create pathways towards CitizenPoweredCities. When Dr. Catherine Needham wrote the first co-production case study in 2010 on a highly …