About OPSI

The OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) collects, analyses and shares experiences of innovation in the public sector from both OECD member and non-member countries. This is achieved through three main functions: maintaining a database of innovations; providing advice and carrying out projects; and, coordinating a network of public sector innovation practitioners.

Innovations database

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  • Started in 2014, the OPSI’s database of innovation projects detailis the development, results and replicability of successful public sector innovation projects from around the world.
  • The database can be filtered through a range of different criteria helping you identify projects that are relevant to your policy area, use a method or approach you are interested in, or involve particular groups of users.
  • Any public official can submit a case study to the database. We also work with a variety of partners to incorporate case studies of public sector innovations from other repositories.

  • Visit the database

Advice and projects

  • We provide practical advice to officials and countries on how to make public sector innovation projects work, both informally by supporting their initiatives or formally through country-specific studies.
  • We also conduct cross-cutting research and projects that provide systematic or horizontal perspectives on the latest topics in public sector innovation.

Community of practice

  • The OPSI brings together public sector innovation experts from across OECD member, partner and non-member countries.
  • We use a mix of events and digital tools to connect public sector innovators from across the world so they can share experiences and practice with each other.